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Huntting Cup History

Huntting Cup

In 1922, Mrs. Foster Huntting of Jericho Golf and Country Club in Vancouver donated a trophy, the Huntting Cup, for a one day competition between a team of lady players from the Jericho and Shaughnessy Golf Clubs versus a team of lady players from the Victoria and Royal Colwood Golf Clubs.

Initially these matches were played in conjunction with the BC Championships, either immediately before or after the Championship event. Up until 1964, the BC Championships were held in either Victoria or Vancouver. In 1964 the BC Championships were held in Penticton requiring a new schedule for the Huntting Cup matches though the venue for the competition continued to alternate between Victoria and Vancouver.

In 1969, the Victoria team expanded to include players from anywhere on Vancouver Island. This format continued until 1974 when BC was divided into golf districts. Players from District 1—Victoria, represented the Vancouver Island team and players from Districts 2, 5, and 8 represented the Vancouver team.

In the late 1970’s, the Huntting Cup became the competition between the Sweeny Cup group and the Harris-Erickson group in Victoria (15 and under handicap ladies players) since the majority of players belonged to one of these two groups.

Until 1972 all matches were played to scratch but as Harris-Erikson allowed handicaps of 15 and under compared to the Sweeny Cup’s 10 and under handicap requirement, both groups agreed to play future matches based on net scores, resulting in a more competitive and exciting competition.

After almost eighty years of existence, the Huntting Cup matches are still keenly contested each year, with players from both groups eagerly vying for a place on their respective teams. It is quite a testament to the importance of a relatively small competition.

The Huntting Cup can be viewed at the BC Golf Museum.