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Huntting Cup

Every year a team from Sweeny Cup (Vancouver area) competes against a team from the Harris Erickson League (Victoria area) for the Huntting Cup. Each team has 12 players that compete in a one-day match play event. The venue alternates between Vancouver and the Island.

A total of 12 matches are contested with each player playing a match against her counterpart. Each team ranks it’s players from 1-12 based on their handicap factor going from low to high. This ensures that the lowest handicap player on the Sweeny Cup team will play the lowest handicap player on the Harris Erickson team.

After almost eighty years of existence the Huntting Cup matches are keenly contested with players in both regions eagerly vying for a place on their respective team.

At least a month before the event Sweeny Cup players will receive an email invite to play. To qualify a player must have played in at least three Sweeny Cup events during the current year.

The players with the lowest cumulative handicap differentials for three Sweeny Cup games get to play. At least one of the co-chairs automatically qualifies for the team.

The Huntting Cup can be viewed at the BC Golf Museum.

2019 Huntting Cup Teams
Victoria team in teal & black; Vancouver team in navy & white

Vancouver team (red shirts) and Victoria team (blue shirts) at Uplands Golf Club, August 2018

2017 Huntting Cup at University Golf Club
Vancouver team in red and Victoria team in blue