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Wind-up Event Winners

Congratulations to Sue MacDonald and Bev McGladery our 2019 Wind-up event winners!

Sue MacDonald with Wind-up winner trophy. Missing: Bev McGladery

2019Sue MacDonald and Bev McGladdery
2018Phyllis Laschuk and Molly Chen
2017June Zhang and Nancy Chow
2016Mary Feenan and Holly Horwood
2015Nora McKibbin and Holly Horwood
2014Haley Cameron and Vicki Potter
2013Vicki Potter and Glenna Bellamore
2012Shelley Burns and Jessica Payne
2011Nancy Chow and Susan Evans
2010Gail Landsberger and Jennifer Lee
2009Tammy Brunin and Elaine Blatchford
2008Loretta Chan and Karen Pultz
2007Sandra Turbide and Makiko Scully
2006Tricia Rachfall and Tammy Brunin
2005Phyllis Laschuk and Karen Pultz
2004Edna Dechant and Diane McFarlane
2003Phyllis Laschuk and Karen Pultz
2002Sandra Turbide and Jackie Hays
2001Holly Sanders and Paulette Hikida
2000Joanne Mick and Vanessa Jacobsen
1999Sue Brown and Melanie Saltiel
1998Yoko Egawa and Kay Tomisawa
1997Diane Bosman and Melanie Saltiel
1996Cheryl MacIntosh and Flo McFall
1995Vicki Torbet and Joanne Mick
1994Holly Sanders and Vicki Torbet
1993Holly Sanders and Vicki Torbet
1992Gail Moore and Holly Sanders
1991Trudy Gerela and Kelly McLean
1990Susan McCleery and Donna Thompson
1989Pip Roberts and Connie Grant
1988Paula Nishikawara and Kathryn Shaw
1987Paula Nishikawara and Kathryn Shaw
1986Gail Moore and Val Westell
1985Gail Moore and Val Westall
1984Fumie Limoli and Donna Thompson
1983Barb MacDonald and Sheila Bentley
1982Colleen McCulloch, Gail Moore, Isabel Rudd and Barb Baril
1981Cathy Hardwick and Carolyn Larsen
1980Cheryl Jensen and Anna-May Taylor
1979Louise Robert and Cheryl Jensen
1978Barb MacDonald and Sheila Bentley
1977Donna Thompson and Caroline Brett
1976Dorothy Leighton and Mae Chu
1975Valerie White and Lorna McPherson
1974Phylis Barclay and Caroline Brett
1973Phyllis Hendy and Anna-May Taylor
1972Phylis Barclay and Caroline Brett
1971Eleanor Crawford and Carolyn Larsen
1970Ina Guile and Barbara M Baril
1969Dorothy Leighton and Mae Chu