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Wind up

Anyone that plays in at least one Sweeny Cup event can sign up for the Wind up game. There is no handicap restriction, i.e., players whose handicap factor may have drifted above 10.0 are welcome and encouraged to play in our final event.

The Co-chairs will send an email invite asking players to sign up about a month before the event. Players are divided into two groups based on handicap factor. A player from Flight I (lower factors) and one from Flight II (higher factors) play together as a team. The team pairings are determined by random draw.

The number of Sweeny Cup participants is only limited by the availability of tee times at the host club.
The wind up is played as a Chapman Format: Each player tees off. Then the partner hits her partner’s tee shot. After the second shot, you pick the best ball and alternate hitting from there, until the ball is holed out. On all par 3’s, after the partners tee off, you pick the best tee shot and then alternate from there. the team with the lowest gross score wins.

A complimentary dinner, along with our AGM, and prize presentation follow the event. Players who can’t make it for golf are welcome to attend the dinner, meeting and prize presentation.

The Wind up trophy can be viewed at the BC Golf Museum.