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Sweeny Cup

Sweeny Cup Group

Sweeny Cup is a season-long golf competition open to female residents of the Lower Mainland. Players must:

  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Have a current handicap factor 10.0 or less
  • Be a member in good standing of British Columbia Golf (Zone 3 or 4)

The annual fee of $150.00 must be paid by e-transfer or cheque at the first event—no exceptions.

The Sweeny Cup season typically runs from March until October with a series of one-day events at both private and public courses across the Lower Mainland.

First-time Sweeny Cup players or players returning after an absence of two or more years may be asked to provide a record of their last 20 scores. The record must be signed by the ladies club captain or handicap chair of the player’s home course.

Sweeny Cup is governed by the Rules of Golf as presented by Golf Canada. See the Local Rules page.

If you have any questions please contact us, a co-chair will get back to you within a couple of days.

Sign up and Draw

Sweeny Cup will use TeeTimeHelper to organize events. The co-chairs will send an email “Invite” to players about 10 days before an event. Players must respond to the invite before 5 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the event if they want to play. Players can change or cancel their sign up status using the TeeTimeHelper tool prior to the sign up deadline. The co-chairs will determine the draw based on the following guidelines.

The opening event of the season will be a random draw. For all other events, the top finishers from the previous event will tee off in order 1-12 providing they have maintained a Handicap Factor of 10.0 or less. The balance of the draw will be based on the players’ previous Sweeny Cup event scores. Players not in the previous event, but who make the draw, will fill out the field.

At the discretion of the Sweeny Cup co-chairs, there may be up to two random draw events each season.


If you need to cancel, please email the co-chairs at before 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to the event.

Only call the pro shop directly if an emergency arises the morning of the event and you have cancel. Bad weather is not considered a valid reason to cancel. Players must also email the co-chairs explaining the reason for cancelling. Players will have to sit out the next event if they:

  • cancel because of bad weather, or
  • fail to turn up for their tee time without notifying the pro-shop.

Dress Code

Sweeny Cup players are expected to dress smartly in proper golf attire to each event. Players must wear:

  • Golf shirts with sleeves or a collar. The mid rift must be covered at all times.
  • Tailored slacks, capri pants, golf shorts, skorts, or dresses. Bottom attire must be at least mid-thigh in length. Leggings may only be worn underneath a skort, dress or shorts.
  • Hats and visors must be removed in the clubhouse.

The following clothing items are not permitted

  • Cargo pants, track pants, sweat pants, blue jeans, or baggy shorts with side pockets.
  • Logoed sport team apparel other than golf, e.g., no baseball, football or soccer gear.

Cell Phones

Please use cell phones in your car only. Do not use it in the parking lot, on the golf course or in the clubhouse. Players may carry a cell phone on the course for a medical emergency, but, be sure it is off or on silent.

Game Day

All Sweeny Cup events are played rain or shine!

Players should arrive at the golf club at least 30 minutes before their tee time. Each player will need to:

  • Register at the pro shop and find out the order of play for their group.
  • Check the Sweeny Cup bulletin board close to the first tee for information on the tees in play, pace of play, KP and long drive hole.
  • Print her first and last name of her scorecard and exchange it with one of her fellow competitors at the first tee. Typically player 1 gives her card to player 2, 2 gives to 3, 3 gives to 4 and player 4 gives to player 1.

A time clock will be used at each event. The host golf course determines the pace of play for the day. The first player in each group must punch a time chit at the beginning and at the end of their round. Completed time chits must be returned to one of the co-chairs after the round.

At the end of play please check your card hole-by-hole with your marker. Sign it and ensure your marker signs as well before you hand it in. If you are in the final two or three groups please hand in your scorecard before you put your clubs away. This helps the co-chairs calculate the results for the day. Scorecard addition errors are not the responsibility of the player.


If a player’s score is 20 shots higher than the course rating for the tees played, she must sit out the next event. If a player’s score is 100+ or if a player fails to hand in a scorecard she must sit out the next three events. At the discretion of the co-chairs the penalty may be waived due to playing conditions, weather, or sudden injury.

All Sweeny Cup games must be posted as a tournament score.

Event Prizes

Prizes for each event are awarded in two flights

Overall Low Gross score:
1st – 3 balls
2nd – 2 balls
3rd – 2 balls
4th – 1 ball
5th – 1 ball
6th – 1 ball

Long Drive – 1 ball
KP – 1 ball

Second flight Prizes: (for players with factors in the higher half of the field).

Lowest gross score
1st – 1 ball
2nd – 1 ball
3rd – 1 ball

Breaking ties at a Sweeny Event: All single event ties are determined by better back nine, then better last six holes, then better last 3 holes, etc.

Sweeny Cup Winner

The player with the lowest total handicap differentials for a predetermined number of events for the year is crowned Sweeny Cup Champion. The number of events used will be determined by the total number of events played over the course of a season using the following:

If the season comprises of:
eight events then the total of a player’s best four handicap differentials will be used 9/10 events then the total of a player’s best five handicap differentials will be used 11/12 events then the total of a player’s best 6 handicap differentials will be used.

In the case of a tie for the overall Sweeny Cup Champion, there will be an 18-hole stroke play play-off. If still tied then there will be a sudden death play-off. The Sweeny Cup co-chairs determine the venue for the play-off.

Year-end Sweeny Cup Prizes are determined by the co-chair(s). The number of spots recognized depends on the size of the field each year. All of the annual fees collected will be used for prizes or operating costs.

The Sweeny Cup can be viewed at the BC Golf Museum.